Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This year has big changes for us, we must take a step back and look at our future, and prepare a new plan of action, to be successful in 2013.  I found if I don't worry about things I personally can not change, eliminates 3/4 of the things for me to worry about.  Maybe a good game plan would be start with working toward becoming financially independence, who knows. If you have a hobby or always wanted one this will be the year to start one or put more effort and time into your old hobby. This year I plan to rewrite and add more healthy recipes to my blog, complete twice as many craft project by just putting more time and energy into my hobby. Try my hand at alter art and  mixed media projects, also using my scraps and the supplies I have on hand if at all possible.  Maybe my creativity  will increase and take my mind away from the problems of today. I know we will make it through 2013 by taking one day at a time and with God on our  side we will be all right.

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