Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's share some of my salad recipes for July.

If there's one food that really captures the essence of summer, it's salad. All kinds of beautiful, ripe produce are overflowing from gardens and orchards. When fruits and vegetables are at the peak of their season, there's no need to do anything fancy with them - they're just begging to be tumbled into a salad bowl enjoyed in their raw, natural glory.
FRUITED CHICKEN SALAD INGREDIENTS 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halve 1/2 cup seedless grapes 1 red apple, diced 3 green onions, chopped 1/4 cup sweet pickle relish 1/2 cup mayonnaise 3 stalks celery, thinly sliced 1 (8 ounce) can pineapple chunks, juice reserved 1/8 cup chopped fresh cilantro 1 cup chopped pecans fajita seasoning or your house seasoning to taste DIRECTIONS Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add chicken and cook until thoroughly cooked and no longer pink inside, approximately 20 minutes. Drain, cool and chop. In a large bowl, mix together the chicken, apple, onions, relish, mayonnaise, celery, grapes, pineapple (with just a little juice for flavor), cilantro, pecans and fajita seasoning to taste. ENJOY Try grilled chicken or a whole rotisserie chickens

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  1. That looks yummy! I may have to give it a try!