Thursday, May 6, 2010


A perfect family is what we all wish for. We see people that have families that are much different than ours. As experience their unique culture, we wish we had a family like them. But really, having a perfect family isn’t possible. We all will have problems and accomplishments that make us unique from every other family in the whole wide world. So, think hard about how different your family is. Appreciate that you have a family and never alone because they help us through tough times. It is never foolish to wish for a perfect family but is foolish to abandon your special family.

Grandma's Recipe for a Loving Family
4 cups of love
2 cups of loyalty
3 cups of forgiveness
1 cup of friendship
5 tablespoons of hope
2 tablespoons of tenderness
4 quarts of faith
1 barrel of laughter

Take love and loyalty, mix it thoroughly with faith.
Blend it with tenderness, kindness and understanding.
Add friendship and hope.
Sprinkle abundantly with laughter.
Bake it in sunshine.
Serve daily with generous helpings.
Serves one entire home forever.

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