Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicken Wings and Health

No doubt about it, if you are going to enjoy true Buffalo-style wings in all their glory, you will be eating the skin. The skin is indeed the fatty part, comprised of 17% fat, yet it also lends the most flavors along with the sauce of choice.

If the oil is hot enough when you fry the wings, much of the fat will cook off into the frying oil while sealing in the juice of the meat, leaving a nice crispy skin.

Baking is also an alternative. Bake until crispy on a rack inside a baking pan to catch the drips, and then dip into hot sauce mixture.

If you are watching your fat intake and must avoid the skin, some markets carry skinless drummettes, both fresh and frozen. Try baking them and dredging in a hot sauce, but you'll also want to forego the traditional butter that is mixed in with the hot sauce.

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