Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Buffalo Wings History

Of course, our ancestors used all parts of the chicken. Usually the wings, back, and neck were used to flavor soups and stocks. Commercialization of the poultry market and modern refrigeration methods permitted consumers to begin choosing their favorite parts -- usually breast, thigh, and leg portions -- with the rest of the parts ending up in soup factories. Thus, chicken wings fell a bit out of favor until an enterprising restaurateur came up with a chicken wing recipe that would soon sweep the world off its feet.

1992 - This was a good year for the national spread of Buffalo wings. The first national pizza chain, Domino's, introduced them in their restaurants in Buffalo,New York.

Nov. 1994 - Domino's goes national with buffalo wings.

Feb. 1995 - Pizza Hut follows with national distribution of wings.

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