Monday, August 3, 2009


My favorite dish is a good old fashion CATFISH DINNER.
When we were kids my Dad would have a Friday fish
fry once or twice a month and invite our family over
for dinner. We would play broad games and the older
people would play cards. My Mother would make the
sides and my Grandma would bring her delicious
123 pound cake. My Dad could fry up the best Catfish
you have ever had. Our family and friends never
missed a chance to come over for his famous fish
fry’s. My Dad love’s to tell story, one of them was
about Catfish. Catfish was once considered the
food of the poor and folks turned their nose up
at this fish, he would say if you turned up your
nose at my Catfish you were just being uppity”
because his Catfish is toe tapping and mouthwatering
good. One of the characteristics of Catfish that I enjoy,
is it does not have a fishy smell or taste, it has a mild
sweet taste. For the best down home dinner on the
West Coast; try my Dad’s famous mouthwatering Fried
Catfish serviced with my Mom’s hush puppies and coleslaw
Top off with a sliced of my Grandma ‘s pound cake.

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