Sunday, March 8, 2009

WHAT'S COOKIN (Gumbo) step 2 of 3

When the slaves arrived in American to work on the plantations, they had to create their own dishes from the leftovers that their masters didn’t eat and fish pulled from the streams to complete there dinner which is what we call seafood Gumbo.

Granny Breaux recipe also has a seafood stock. Let call it step 2.

BASIC FISH OR SEAFOOD STOCK: this is best prepared ahead of time. When making the stock, always boil the discards shells for 12 to 36 hours, depending on your schedule, Add shells from crabs, shrimp, and occasionally lobster to a pot of boiling water for stock, remove and strain the broth to remove the solids. Return the liquid to the pot and boil to reduce until very concentrated. The volume will be determined by the amount of time you have to devote to the task, but I always try to reduce it to about 1/4 the original volume. The resulting stock has concentrated flavor and can be reconstituted with water to meet the need. Freezes well

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