Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was thinking about making a cookbook of our family favorite recipes, from 6 generation of cooks. I would included a little story behind each recipe and few pictures and give them for Christmas gifts. This would be a good way for or family and friend to learn how to prepare soul food recipes with review of our family history. I was hoping that my book would become a great keepsake that could be pass down to the future generations. Who knows, maybe someone will try to prepare some of the recipes they love and didn’t know how to start.
I begin working on this project in 2007 gathering and writing down all the recipes, I did not realized this would be a long and slow task, and the cost was more than I had plan to pay. In 2009 I want to try a recipe blog, this way all my family, friends and more could enjoy our family recipes.
I hope my BLOG will give everyone a chance to enjoy our family recipes with a little history from the past.
Please leave comments, this way I will be able to add your favorite recipe, stories that you would like to hear or share or for me to expound on. Your comments will help me create a place were you will enjoy returning to.

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